Unify your wired & wireless worlds

Unify your wired & wireless worlds

By 2015 there will be over 1.3 billion global mobile workers, and they expect to have the same applications and access available no matter what network they are connected to. And they demand the same functionality and performance.

As a networks administrator, you need to provide a seamless experience to your users and break down the wall between your wired and wireless worlds. 

So what should you consider when planning your network transformation to support this new workforce?

Make sure your network is ready for 802.11ac

Do you have the capacity required to support your mobile edge? Get the 802.11ac Readiness Kit, and get ready for the transformation.

Remember mobility is more than just Wi-Fi

You need to make sure your core network can support the increased bandwidth created from your wireless network. See what Gartner analysts are saying about the importance of right sizing your network.

Deliver a consistent user experience without complexity

Is network complexity taking up most of your day? Are you spending too many precious resources dealing with separate wired and wireless networks with two sets of rules, management systems, and user profiles? Need transparency from your wireless network to wired network to ensure consistent QoS? Then it’s time to unify your networks. See how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise joined forces with Aruba Networks to deliver a unified network.

Do you know if your network has what it takes to support the application explosion? We can help.