Enterprise Innovation

Enterprise Innovation

Welcome to the new PC (Personal Cloud) Era

...where PC is not a personal computer, but the Personal Cloud

The future of the enterprise market is being shaped by mega trends including:

  • A consumer revolution where social networks, mobile devices, and a shift to visual content are all redefining the way people communicate.
  • A technology evolution that uses open architectures and standardized technologies for supporting the growing demand from new deployment and consumption models.
  • A business model transformation that is accelerated by business and economic imperatives, fueling the demand for pay-as-you-go models supported by new types of hosted and managed architectures known as the "the cloud."

What's the future of enterprise communications?

These mega trends are contributing to a global transformation.

The arrival of smart devices and the popular tablet into the workplace is a symptom of something bigger. It heralds a future where the device is nothing more than an access point to personal content. The content will be stored in a "space" available from anywhere, any device, anytime – "the cloud."

This "Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) phenomenon is part of this role reversal that exposes a future where employees copy their consumer habits and paste them into their professional life.

We are entering the Personal Cloud Era.

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