Alcatel-Lucent strives to provide the best programmes in the industry to our eco-system of Business and Application partners. We enable them to bring innovative solutions, proximity services, and technical expertise to enterprise customers around the world.

Why become an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Partner?

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Partner Programme provides the means, motivation and opportunity for value-added resellers and systems integrators to differentiate themselves from the competition and grow their businesses. By matching your business aspirations with our products and solutions, we ensure your investment brings rich rewards.

Enterprise Partner Programme - Discover and Join

What's in it for you?

  • Access to a broad enterprise solutions portfolio
  • Attractive pricing models
  • Flexible portfolio of technical and non-technical learning modules
  • Opportunities to specialize in specific technologies or solutions
  • Technical support throughout the sales cycle
  • Dedicated Alcatel-Lucent representatives, secure extranet and regular communications
  • Co-marketing activities
  • Cooperative funding
  • Sales incentive program

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Find a Business Partner

Locate a business partner in your area for Alcatel-Lucent products and solutions.

Become an Application Partner

The Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Programme (AAPP) helps members to:

  • Develop innovative applications based on advanced APIs and technologies,
  • Certify and deploy trusted applications maintained over time and multiple releases,
  • Market and sell Joint Solutions by increasing market presence and go-to-market opportunities in all geographies and markets.

Learn more about our Enterprise Partner Programme, Application Partner Programme and other types of partnership on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise global site.