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At ALE Benelux we believe diversity clearly leads to more creative products and teams, which in turn leads to better business. This is why today we take the time to proudly introduce our ALE women:

ALE Benelux women

In October of 2014 Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise started a new era with the transformation into an independent company. This marked the moment to build a new team for ALE Benelux, to explore new markets and define new opportunities, all aimed at growing the Benelux market share.

Throughout 2015, the company's first full year operating as an independent business following its spin-off from Alcatel-Lucent (now part of Nokia), this new Benelux team realized strong sales and revenue growth.

One of the noticeable changes for the ALE Benelux team during this transition is the diversity in the team.  In Europe only 7% of Tech or IT jobs are filled by women. In the Benelux team, we are proud to say that we reach far beyond those numbers. Hiring more women in design, sales, project management, and leadership positions creates a healthier workplace. The institute for Women and Technology performed a recent study on the positive impact women have in the business environment. The study showed that those Fortune 500 companies with at least three female directors, benefitted from an increase several key factors such as: 
     - the return on invested capital jumped over 66%
     - the return on sales went up 42%
     - the return on equity increased by 53%

At  ALE Benelux we believe diversity clearly leads to more creative products and connected teams, which in turn lead to better business. This is why today we take the time to proudly introduce our ALE women:

Roos de Wild – HR Manager, Benelux
“ I love working for an international company, but still being part of a small team. Our new startup has given all of us a chance to individually give direction and meaning to our jobs. We’ve created new functions, broader than before, which makes our jobs more challenging and rewarding and provided the opportunity to learn tremendously.”

Ellis Bossers – Sr Maketing Manager, Benelux
“On a business level I think men are more open to and in a meeting with a woman, which gives me an edge. To get a message across, you first need to get the attention. And personally, I love working in an environment where technology and people meet. Where innovation helps both employees and businesses.”

May Johanknegt – Channel Support, Benelux
“ I was hired into a new team filling a newly created position. To support our Channel Sales team and our Business Partners is very hectic and diverse. I have learned so much about the ALE products and services and have become a bridge between our Business Partners and our Channel Sales team.”

Willeke Hellenthal – Field Marketing Manager, Benelux
“Naturally women know how to build relationships, we are hardwired to be nurturers, connectors and collaborators. I believe that’s an important characteristic for marketing and sales positions. It is great to be part of an innovative company which delivers the technology that makes day to day collaboration possible and easier for all to do”.

Robin Slats, Country Manager, ALE Netherlands
“At ALE we know that women in a team tend to be extremely willing to communicate openly and support each other towards the team and also individual goals. I have also noticed that having more women in our team has had a very positive impact on our culture. There’s a sense of cohesion that comes from the teamwork and collaborative spirit that female team members are bringing to the table.”

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