Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions

"Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network technology has been implemented as the permanent, fixed data and wired VoIP network running through world's longest railway tunnel"

Transportation systems are evolving to meet the needs of a world on the move, and networks are playing a key role. From high-speed trains to self-driving cars, transportation systems are harnessing the power of IP connectivity to:

Increase safety
Sensors of every description feed an endless stream of information on everything from anomalies in speed, temperature and mechanical defects on railways, to the number of cars waiting to pass through an intersection. Our connected transportation solutions ensure that this critical information is processed and acted on to ensure the safety of travellers. Alcatel-Lucent’s application fluent networks have the intelligence and scalability to ensure that even traffic congestion doesn’t affect the network’s ability to keep things moving safely.

Reduce congestion and energy use

Cities and urban regions around the world are facing increasing pressure on commuter systems, from highways to railways and transit. Congestion on highways and roads is taking a steep toll on regional economic competitiveness, energy use and people’s wellbeing. And already overloaded transit and rail systems are not always a good alternative. Our data center switching solution ensures that you can scale your resources to meet the demand, with the agility to handle anything the morning rush hour can throw at you.

Improve operational performance

Operating networks that span far-flung highway and rail infrastructure can mean a lot of travel time for operational personnel. Our award-winning intelligent fabric minimizes the number of truck rolls required with its self-healing and automated device discovery abilities. Our hardened Ethernet switches are designed for the environmental rigors of outdoor installations and have features such as power over Ethernet to simplify the installation of sensors, cameras and other devices. And with centralized provisioning and automated deployment the learning curve for operational personnel isn’t so steep that they can’t get traction. 

Ensure security
Network hacks, data breaches, information theft, and other malicious network attacks are on the rise, so should your concern for overall network security. Nearly one million malware threats are released worldwide every day, and it takes an average of 46 days to resolve a malicious attack, threatening your critical transportation operations.  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise can help protect your digital assets with an in-depth defense approach that translates into multiple layers of security.

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