Enterprise Security Solutions: Open, Trusted, Dynamic

Enterprise Security Solutions

Securing your enterprise

Your enterprise network is at risk from external and internal activities and needs protection on all fronts. Alcatel-Lucent offers security that addresses these needs while containing costs with future proof products that protect current infrastructure investments.

Securing your enterprise in a BYOD world

Although many IT departments wish the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend would go away because of the security headaches it causes, it won't go away and in fact, will only increase in importance to the enterprise employee and all business associates who require access to the network with their non-enterprise devices. 

Allowing BYOD creates many issues beyond the traditional security concerns, such as:

  • Exposure to non-compliant, infected and rogue endpoints
  • Malware containment
  • Potential access to sensitive data and applications

Alcatel-Lucent's security solution provides an end-to-end portfolio of products to support BYOD requirements as well as traditional security measures including:

  • Network access control (NAC) with SafeNAC – For guest access, host integrity check, and role-based access control to ensure compliance
  • Perimeter security with Fortinet – For leading-edge firewall/VPN for secure remote access
  • Embedded security – For security built into the switching fabric that interfaces directly with identity management
  • 8950 AAA – For authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)
  • VoIP Security – For secure, robust, non-disruptive, toll-grade quality of service (QoS) for voice services, and ensure that business-critical data networks continue to operate effectively.

Other complementary solutions that ensure a successful BYOD deployment include:

  • OpenTouch - Delivers a seamless experience across multiple devices, multi-party communications and multi-media
  • Converged Networks – Consistent user policies and policies and profiles across a broad portfolio of products for wired and wireless access
  • VitalQIP – Secure IP Address management
  • VitalSuite – an SLA-based network/performance monitoring solution

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