What is OpenTouch

OpenTouch is a converged multimedia communications solution that transforms your simple business communications into a seamless collaborative conversation.

One that improves employee productivity, strengthens customer relationships, and provides a new and revolutionary user experience.

OpenTouch is

  • Multi-device. Employees can now have a single conversation that crosses mobile phones, tablets, desk phones, and computers, using the device that makes the most sense for their context and location. Switching devices is transparent and just as easy.
  • Multi-party. Conferencing and collaboration are the twin engines of the completely unique OpenTouch experience. Conference participants can now easily come and go during conversations.
  • Multimedia. High definition (HD) video, IM, and web conferencing capabilities mean that every user can now enjoy rich communications services without any additional investments. Your employees can connect, collaborate, and share content more efficiently; and move the conversation across media - from IM to ad hoc video, to scheduled video - as it evolves or grows more complex.
  • Beyond unified communications. Collaboration and presence technology enhance collaboration, accelerate reachability, and simplify communications across your entire enterprise. Mobility services ensure the same seamless user experience and access to business applications on any device, anytime, anywhere.

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2014 Frost & Sullivan Product Excellence Award for UC