OpenTouch for a Seamless BYOD Environment

Are your organization's communications disconnected? Are your communications optimized for BYOD ? Discover how OpenTouch™ can enable seamless conversations across hundreds of devices in your workplace.

OpenTouch is a converged multimedia communications suite that allows multi-party, multi-devices and multimedia conversations in an organization. OpenTouch allows you to centralize your communications environment, consolidate trunks and servers, and leverage existing investments.

OpenTouch enables communications solutions to be delivered cost-effectively in any deployment model, from customer premise to the cloud. It allows you to fully leverage your current communications infrastructure while integrating new devices, customer service, business, and unified communications applications.

Benefits of OpenTouch for BYOD

  • Leverage existing infrastructure: OpenTouch allows you to fully leverage your prior infrastructure investments as you consolidate your communications environment
  • Smooth Transformation: you can evolve at your own pace, delivering progressively new uses to employees on a hybrid infrastructure
  • Flexible deployment: OpenTouch provides you with the latitude to deploy communications solutions on customer premise or into the Cloud
  • Centralized management: Open Touch offers a single point of management for applications, users, devices and networks
  • Application Integration: OpenTouch fully integrates all of the major categories of applications - customer service, business, and unified communications
  • Rapid Session Shift: OpenTouch provides a new user experience - seamless call transfer between any device and media
  • Works seamlessly in multi-vendor environments: Using flexible models that leverage SIP architecture, OpenTouch works seamlessly in multi-vendor environments
  • BYOD Ready: Built on a single, device-neutral platform, OpenTouch enables effective multimedia and multi-device communications in today's BYOD era of smartphones and tablets
2014 Frost & Sullivan Excellence Award for UC