Open Touch for Real-Time Conversations

"A business-changing solution that goes beyond unified communications to enable real-time collaborative conversations."


  • Improves employee productivity and engagement. It delivers a unified rich experience across a broad range of devices, improving your employee productivity and the user experience.
  • Enriches interaction. It seamlessly extends the conversation across media to enrich interactions between your employees, customers, and partners.
  • Enhances collaboration. It integrates unified communications, high definition (HD) video, audio, social media networks, and business applications, fostering collaboration by creating communities that extend beyond the boundaries of the traditional enterprise.
  • Optimizes business processes. It places conversations into context using presence and history, accelerates reachability, and simplifies communication.
  • Spontaneously builds expertise. It allows your enterprise to bring together ad hoc groups of knowledge workers as needed.
  • Enables rapid session shift: OpenTouch provides a completely new and revolutionary user experience - seamless call transfer between any device and media.

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Open Touch for Real-Time Conversations