OpenTouch: Five Elements to Improving Employee Collaboration

To remain competitive and agile, your enterprise needs to provide the innovative technologies that enable engagement, efficiency, and collaboration.

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch answers this challenge by helping enterprises like yours turn communications into meaningful conversations and business services. It provides the 5 key elements that are essential to supporting this type of business conversation:

  • Real-time dynamic conferencing. OpenTouch enables "collaborative conversations" that allow users to expand from one-on-one to group discussions, or add or remove participants immediately as the need arises.
  • User-centric connections. It enables effective multimedia and multi-device communications in today's BYOD Era of smartphones and tablets. +
  • Meaningful presence information. It provides granular, business-specific availability information, enhancing collaboration, accelerating reachability, and simplifying communication across your organization.
  • Native video capabilities. It provides an integrated native video system with capabilities including: video- and web-conferencing, voice-activated video switching for team meetings, one-to-one video calls, and integration with existing SIP-based meeting room equipment.
  • Social knowledge and application context. OpenTouch makes it easy to access and share content across a wide range of sources, including: your enterprise knowledge bases, CRM or contact center applications, and social media applications within and outside your enterprise.

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2014 Frost & Sullivan Excellence Award for UC