Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions
Today’s business is mobile, everywhere and digital.  Mobility is an important and almost universal enterprise trend as employees continue to work diverse hours from remote locations and require access to central resources anytime, anywhere, and from many devices.  

Mobility is not one-size fits all; every industry and business has unique requirements. Full mobile enablement impacts virtually every aspect of your IT infrastructure – voice and unified communications, wired and wireless network access, the data center and perhaps most importantly, management of users, the network and applications.  

Properly planned and deployed, end users are not the only beneficiaries. The factors that enable effective mobility benefit IT by automating and unifying network management and the applications on it. And, by routing cost-based TDM and cellular transmissions as IP traffic across the LAN and WAN, CFOs will appreciate the reduction in telephony costs as much as users appreciate an improved user experience.  

On-Site Mobility 

On-site mobility solutions leveraging DECT and VoWLAN technologies are important options for campus environments, saving on cellular costs and delivering a fully integrated communications experience.  

  • DECT solutions may be traditional and simple, but they are powerful and integrate with your telephony infrastructure and applications. They are ideal for many diverse environments such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing. And, as you might expect from a global DECT leader, we have many industry profiles ready to apply, use and customize.
  • VoWLAN solution options have matured, ensuring users remain connected everywhere they roam on site.  Regardless of device – iOS, Android, desktop or ruggedized WLAN handset, user experience is seamless and simultaneous. VoWLAN solutions save money.

Cellular Mobility: Reduce TCO and Increase ROI

For mobile employees, the PC is not the device of choice. Mobile users have adopted user centric work styles that rely on smartphones and tablets, accessing the network from everywhere but their desk – if they have one. Mobile devices and access are tools of necessity for mobile personnel, often relying on multiple devices within the same conversation. Seamless mobility is a requirement and best effort user experience is no longer acceptable. 

Mobility has placed a heavy cost on business IT in the form of capital (CAPEX) and operational (OPEX) expenditures. Cellular costs continue to soar and bring your own device (BYOD) has stretched network managers to breaking point. Corporate and non-corporate issued devices consume bandwidth. They drain management resources while IT continues to search for better security.  However, there are answers to all of these challenges. 

BYOD and the Network

Simply stated, most existing networks don't support the requirements of business mobility, emerging applications, and user owned devices. Why? Because BYOD, the need for a quality user experience, secure remote access and high-capacity wireless access were not in your last major infrastructure upgrade requirements document.

Today, technologies exist that address these and other operational challenges.  At the same time they represent new opportunities for IT and users to benefit from new tools and media. 

How do you Capitalize on Mobility?

Where to begin is defined by where you have been and where you want to go. Contact us today and let's talk. Our communications and network experts and partners can show you a seamless mobile future designed for your business today, and tomorrow. 

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