IP Communications Management Solutions

As a dynamic enterprise telecommunications manager, you face a number of challenges: supporting converged voice/video/data networks, handling rapidly growing network traffic, and guaranteeing secure information transfer. You need flexible, cost-effective IP communications management solutions that improve network reliability and ensure network security. Alcatel-Lucent IP communications management solutions help coordinate dense networks, so you can focus on maximizing platform availability and business efficiency.


  • Efficient use of network administrator time thanks to centralized, integrated management
  • Improved network security through real-time monitoring
  • Lower administration and maintenance costs
  • Streamlined internal communication
  • Improved network reliability due to better risk detection and response
  • Straightforward integration with existing network infrastructure


  • Centralized administration: manage your entire network using web-based applications.
  • Easy network configuration: configure your network with a user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Universal directory: access your company’s directory from any web browser and place calls with a single click.
  • Performance management: evaluate the quality of service provided by a specific product or the overall performance of your network architecture and wireless infrastructure.
  • VoIP convergence: support Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure integration by continuously measuring and optimizing VoIP performance.
  • System topology and alarms: monitor network devices with the help of animated topology maps tailored to your needs and real-time alarms.
  • Accounting: gain a global perspective on telecommunications expenses with automatic accounting reports.
  • Security: strengthen security using role-based access, embedded security agents, automatic encryption/authentication and redundancy solutions.

Featured product: OmniVista 8770 Network Management System

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IP Communications Management Solutions