IP Address Management Solutions

IP address management (IPAM) systems rarely top the list of ICT priorities, but small-scale availability and reliability issues can cause critical network failure across an enterprise. As network traffic and the popularity of IP-addressable devices rises, effective IPAM becomes increasingly important. Good IPAM practices help alleviate growing network pressures and ensure that employees can depend on web-based applications.

Alcatel-Lucent IPAM solutions help enterprises improve service delivery by centralizing the planning and administration of IP address allocation. As an IPAM market leader for seven years, Alcatel-Lucent has helped system implementers achieve a rapid ROI.


  • A single scalable solution to manage millions of IP addresses
  • Lower IT operating costs with end-to-end automated IP management
  • Rapid IP service delivery
  • Seamless management of multi-vendor IP platforms and appliances
  • Increased administrative efficiency with centralized management and policy enforcement
  • Enhanced user satisfaction as a result of improved network availability and reliability
  • Multi-vendor, multi-platform compatibility for cost-effective network growth
  • Simpler software upgrades


  • Consolidated IP inventory: centralize all your IP address information in a single location.
  • Customization: tailor the basic software to suit your needs with modules and functions that manage workflow, audit and registration.
  • Automated services: expedite connection processes with simplified IP name and address management.
  • Centralized planning and administration: allocate address space and deliver critical IP name and address services quickly and efficiently throughout your network
  • Industry-leading Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name Service (DNS) servers: assign IP addresses quickly and deliver robust IP services.
  • Appliance management: manage software and appliance deployment, apply patches and upgrades, and monitor DNS, DHCP and other services.
  • Secure infrastructure: safeguard services with the pre-loaded RedHat Linux operating system and protect data with enhanced compression, encryption and authentication.

Featured product: VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software

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 IP Address Management Solutions