Network Infrastructure Management Solutions

The proliferation of new applications, communications devices and network users makes infrastructure management more challenging than ever before. Alcatel-Lucent data network management solutions can help you address these demands and reduce time and money spent on administration by improving the reliability and security of your network.


  • Rapid ROI thanks to reduced operation and deployment costs
  • Increased efficiency and lower risk of human error with automated processes
  • Seamless integration into complex network management frameworks
  • A simpler, more cost-effective alternative to heterogeneous network infrastructures
  • Protection against network attacks and security breaches
  • Enforcement of IT best practices and security compliance
  • Maximized reliability through increased prediction and control of network behavior


  • Unified management platform: configure, monitor and optimize your converged infrastructure with one central platform.
  • Advanced topology: troubleshoot with ease thanks to a comprehensive and intuitive graphical view of your network’s infrastructure that highlights device status, adjacency and interconnections.
  • Device configuration management: simplify device configuration with our template approach and automate software image upgrades.
  • Third-party device support: simplify multi-vendor management with a common framework for monitoring operations.
  • Network security management: safeguard your infrastructure with user access policies and centralized network administration.
  • Quarantine management: protect your network from security breaches with intrusion detection and automatic quarantine functions.

Featured product: OmniVista 2500 Network Management System

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Network Infrastructure Management Solutions