Improve Hotel Operations

Solutions exist to improve hotel operations by simplifying communications, increasing transparency and implementing effective workflow management.

Process Improvement For Better Service

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise’s workflow management system delivers effective task management, accountability and tracking. You’ll see customer satisfaction improve as your team addresses requests efficiently and in order of priority.  The Emergency Notification Server ensures you are alerted in case of an emergency, increasing safety and enabling hotel staff to take action in time.

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The reactivity of technical staff is crucial to protect guests and employees; for example in the case of fire. OpenTouch Notification Service improves real-time incident awareness thanks to various integrations with alarm systems, allowing for innovative services such as social media and mobile device notifications.

 Additional partner applications, certified by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, relating to Property Management Systems and Notifications are also available. These can be viewed in our dedicated AAPP Partner Portal.

OmniPCX RECORD Suite records real time conversations for quality control, training and silent monitoring purposes. Recording staff interactions with guests gives you the chance to double check requests, resolve disputes and monitor team performance for a better customer experience.

Multi-channel Reservation Center

Your guests can reserve by phone, mobile device, website, web contact center agents or through your own reception. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has developed OpenTouch Customer Service to meet the multimedia needs of the hospitality industry.
Your guests can contact you using a vast number of channels, including social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. From the unified desktop interface, your agents stay connected to their CRM and hotel-specific applications. With a single click they can retrieve a guest’s complete interaction history across all media, as well as information like loyalty programs and stay history.

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Mobility For Your Team

How can you ensure smooth workflow management and communications when your team is constantly on the move? Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephony solutions, including wireless DECT handsets, make real-time communication possible no matter where team members are located in a hotel or cruise ship.

Individuals are able to move around  and complete their assignments while staying in contact with each other at all times. The Softphone Application lets staff receive calls on their mobile devices using their internal PABX number. Your team stays remotely connected to the workflow management system and receive alerts when they are assigned new tasks.

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