Enrich the Guest Experience

Guest expectations have never been as complex or intricately linked to connectivity as they are today. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has developed a suite of hospitality solutions that create a heightened and personalized experience for your guests.

Engineering a New Approach to Hospitality

Imagine a customizable guest experience where all room controls and hotel services are a touch of a screen away. The award-winning My IC Phone centralizes control for room appliances and connects guests with hotel services and reservations. Guests can control their environment and personalize their settings to match their preferences.

The Mobile Guest Softphone lets guests take control from their own mobile device. My IC Phone functionalities,  wayfinding (GPS) and push notifications are available on the application. The latter can be used to send targeted offers to customers on their devices to increase footfall in hotel restaurants and other venues.

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Good Service and Connectivity

BYOD has radically altered guests’ definition of good service. Bad or non-existent WiFi has become a deal-breaker for guests who want quality connections for their multiple mobile devices. Our network infrastructure solutions support hotels in satisfying customers, managing cost and generating new revenue streams.

With our solutions for reducing infrastructure costs, hotels can deliver secure broadband and use segmentation to start charging for WiFi access. A powerful network will help you unleash the full potential of BYOD to offer guests tailored deals and increase revenue.

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Interactive Touchpoints

Interactive digital signage informs guests and offers new features that contribute to an exceptional experience in your hotel or cruise ship. Guests and visitors can use interactive kiosks to find directions, get information about hotel restaurants and services, make reservations and use virtual concierge services, complete with a callback to their own mobile device.

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