Enable more time for patient care

Healthcare providers face the challenge of enhancing patient care while improving operational efficiency and ensuring clinician satisfaction. Alcatel-Lucent offers easy-to-use collaboration, mobility and systems integration tools to help you improve communication and save time, leaving it up to you to determine how and where you spend it.


  • Improve operational efficiency by optimizing clinical workflow
  • Provide more timely care by communicating crucial clinical information to team members anytime, anywhere
  • Offer mobile and virtual care delivery environments
  • Reduce overhead paging by using mobile communication tools
  • Enable care providers to spend more time with patients and less time running to the phone
  • Protect the health and security of professionals and patients by optimizing reactivity in case of incidents
  • Enhance clinician collaboration and satisfaction
  • Enhance patient care and satisfaction


  • Collaboration: allow caregivers to contact specialists and share information in real time through audio, web and video conferencing. Featured product: OpenTouch Teamshare
  • Mobility: use cordless and mobile phones to transmit nurse calls, codes, IV infusion pump alerts and lab values. Featured product: OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server
  • Systems integration: integrate nurse call and code systems and IP Touch phones into your existing communications infrastructure. Featured product: 8 Series IP Touch Phones
  • Notification: improve real-time incident awareness thanks to various integrations with nurse call and alarm systems, and  innovative usages. Featured product: OpenTouch Notification Service
Enable more time for patient care