Build a Business Without Borders

Today's healthcare providers are operating in a highly competitive environment with growing patient demand for mobile care. Successful businesses look to increase revenue by improving customer loyalty and market share, and reduce costs by improving efficiency and patient throughput. Alcatel-Lucent can help you do both. Our scalable, flexible solutions streamline processes and improve staff effectiveness on and off hospital grounds.


  • Increase market share and revenue by improving patient loyalty and the efficiency of care delivery
  • Support increasing demand for mobile and virtual care
  • Improve patient care by communicating crucial clinical information to team members anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure the safety, security and privacy of confidential patient and medical information
  • Increase physician satisfaction and reduce their travel time


Telemedicine: extend your reach beyond the hospital with remote monitoring capabilities, home-based medical devices and video-enabled contact centers.

Collaborative clinician portals: enable clinicians to share information securely across the healthcare delivery system. 

Build a Business Without Borders