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Educators recognize that yesterday’s one-size-fits-all approach to education is failing many students. Combined with new approaches to curriculum design, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can help address the limits of the traditional classroom.

Leveraging big data analytics, online tools and resources can deliver personalized lesson plans matched to the student’s learning style, aptitudes and unique challenges. With this kind of online resource, teachers can worry less about content delivery, testing and administration, and more about support and facilitation — attending to the unique needs of each student.

Enabling experience-driven learning

Experience-based learning initiatives are driving dramatic changes in the way schools operate and interact with technology. Technology allows students to reach beyond the limits of the classroom, engaging with subjects that are more personally significant, using a variety of media and even communicating and collaborating directly with others involved in the subject. A unified network-based experience with reliable support for a large number of densely located student devices is essential. ALE communication solutions help improve the relationship between teacher and student.

Personalizing the student’s experience

As educators embrace the promise of experience-based learning, ICT can support it with a personalized connected experience. One that delivers seamless access to content and applications using their preferred devices, ranging from mobile phones to tablets to PCs, from inside or outside the classroom, at whatever time and at whatever pace best suits the student. ICT can also help to keep teachers, parents and students connected as experience-driven learning continues beyond the classroom.

Making it affordable

Schools rarely can afford to do a complete upgrade of their network technology or voice systems. Being able to fit the solution to the available funding is key. Operational costs are also critical. From the data center to self-healing intelligent-fabric networks, ALE is focused on automating the network and lowering the total cost of ownership for educational institutions — so that their limited resources can be focused on the students, not running the network. ALE offers voice modernization while lowering overall communications costs.

Customer references

ALE has a long history of partnering with education customers worldwide, identifying and solving their network challenges. The following customers share how ALE network technology has helped them to make a difference in their students’ lives while simplifying and reducing the costs of network management.

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