Education Solutions – Safe Campus

As an educator, you face increasing pressure from parents, students, and regulators to secure your campuses. You may already implement standardized school lockdown procedures.

However, universities with open, expansive campuses, more transient populations, and an adult student body need more advanced emergency communication plans to create a safe learning environment.

Safe Campus Solution Overview

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Safe Campus solution is effective because it provides everything you need in three critical areas: Awareness, response coordination and campus notification. And it allows you to do this over your existing voice and data infrastructure.

This results in an end-to-end communication infrastructure that can be used to support lockdown procedures, provide emergency notification, and integrate with building control systems to enable surveillance and deliver alarms and alerts. Awareness and responsiveness of campus staff and security personnel is enhanced.

Safe Campus Benefits

  • Enables effective communications during safety and security events, natural disasters, business disruptions, or other emergencies
  • Improves awareness of potential security and safety situations
  • Integrates alert and notification with next generation IT infrastructure
  • Complies with regulatory mandates for safety and security
  • Enables interoperability with multiple parties and public safety personnel

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Education Solutions – Safe Campus