E-Rate for K-12 Education - USA

The US E-Rate program offered by the FCC makes funds available to US schools and libraries to help them improve their ICT systems and ensure affordable Internet access.

If you’ve already applied for and received E-Rate approval, or if you are interested but need to know more about the program and how to apply, ALE has the knowledge and experience from working with other schools in past years that will help you to avoid costly mistakes.

We manufacture solutions that can maximize E-Rate subsidies using Category 2 eligible products and ensures that you leverage all the funds for which you qualify.

"We were facing real challenges with an outdated network and an antiquated phone system. We were therefore extremely fortunate to partner with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to develop both short and long-term goals which addressed all of our challenges."

          -  Mike Anderson, Director of Technology, Rockville Centre School District

Getting started

If you’re not sure of the challenges of the program and how you can benefit, check our E-Rate microsite for help.

Webinars and References

Webinar: What’s next: Technology priorities for your school district. Hear a roundtable discussion with three K-12 schools providing their perspective of functions and funding for a modern K-12 environment.

Hear from more of our K-12 customers:
Rockville Centre School District
Decatur County Schools
Cherokee S.D. (webinar)
State College Area S.D and Christina S.D. (webinar)

Visit the full customer reference library to see more. Filter industry by “education” to narrow your focus.

Tools and Resources

Check out these links for even more information to help you with your plan.

State and EDU Consortia Contracts