VMWare Technology Partner

Virtualization has brought enormous flexibility to computing including the ability to dynamically optimize resource utilization based upon current workloads.

But along with its benefits, virtualization technology in the data center creates new challenges for network administrators.

Virtualization infrastructure requires a different set of management tools from physical infrastructure, making it difficult for network operators to obtain a consolidated and consistent view of the entire network. Because the physical network must be in sync with the virtual network to provide the connectivity services required by applications in a virtual environment, this lack of visibility affects the network operators' ability to ensure smooth operations in virtualized data centers. This is particularly apparent when dynamic events such as virtual machine motion require immediate network provisioning.

Alcatel-Lucent has joined forces with VMware to provide an application fluent data center network that is completely pre-integrated with VMware's hypervisor vCenter to support virtual machine mobility, taking a significant step in breaking down the Application – network silos.

With this joint solution, operators can benefit from:

  • A single pane of view to simplify and consolidate network management and virtualization operations
  • A complete correlation view and visibility between the virtualization environment and network infrastructure management
  • A single efficient workflow to automate network infrastructure configuration to follow virtual machine movement, reducing IT operation

Learn more about the OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) that integrates with the VMware vCenter to provide visibility and monitoring for all network operations related to the virtual machine life cycle. It constantly monitors, logs and reacts to virtualization events by keeping track of virtual machine location in relation to the physical network.

VMWare Technology Partner