Satisfying Data Center's Fast-Growing Management Needs

Data Center management has become complicated and chaotic.  Although IT resources are shrinking, an increasingly mobile workforce is demanding real-time access to applications from an ever-expanding assortment of devices, while virtualized data centers are becoming complex along with various cloud infrastructures (private, public, hybrid). It is clear that IT staffs need more effective tools for managing a diverse data center environment as a single entity.

Alcatel-Lucent's application fluent data center solution changes the management game. With a host of tools and capabilities designed to simplify and automate the dynamic allocation of data center resources, Alcatel-Lucent is able to increase an enterprise's Network IQ by injecting the data center environment with the ability to understand the needs of applications, and adapt network resources to ensure the highest quality user experience.

For instance, Virtual Network Profiles (vNP) leverage data about each application to automatically adapt the network to optimize application performance. This includes automating the movement of virtual machines among Pods within the Mesh architecture to balance server workloads, agnostic to the server virtualization platform. vNPs enable applications and services to reside in multiple virtual data centers, configuring them differently in each virtual data center and automatically adjusting virtual data center boundaries to account for the virtual machine movement.

Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregators (or VEPAs) move switching out of the server and back into the physical network, eliminating the need for virtual switches and rendering all virtual machine traffic visible to the external network switch. A VEPA-based approach brings control back to the network administrator, providing a single point of management for provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting all virtual machine-related networking functions.

Meanwhile, Shortest Path Bridging (or SPB) is an emerging standard for automatically determining the shortest route between two network nodes. With SPB, all of the nodes on an application fluent data center network cooperatively share their knowledge of the network, providing each node with a complete network schematic that allows it to push traffic along the shortest path.

Alcatel-Lucent's application fluent solution further ensures the best possible quality of service by providing powerful tools for:

  • Managing all devices in the Mesh architecture
  • Manage data center interconnection
  • Provisioning virtual machines
  • Managing and authenticating IP addresses management
  • Monitoring end-to-end app performance service levels.

Additionally, bulk provisioning capabilities enable network administrators to easily add or modify large numbers of users and/or devices, including their corresponding configuration settings.

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