Voice-Centric Contact Center Solutions

Your enterprise needs to manage calls effectively so that it can provide a useful, rewarding experience to customers.

Whether your contact center is supporting a technical hotline, fielding emergency calls or providing advice on car insurance, an Alcatel-Lucent voice-centric contact center solution helps you process and monitor call traffic across several locations. Simple but dynamic, it enhances your customer service capability and gives you a sound basis for future development.

Benefits of Voice-Centric Contact Center Solutions

  • Improved customer service by providing fast, informative and effective responses for callers to emergency hotlines, customer helpdesks and technical support platforms
  • Reduced expenses over the long term thanks to compatibility with future migrations and upgrades
  • Assured business continuity in case of operational problems with other services
  • Proven reliability, as demonstrated by the 1 million agents worldwide who use it to handle over 25 million calls every day

Voice-Centric Contact Center Features

  • Real-time supervision and configuration: benefit from simple monitoring and detailed reporting in real time
  • Matrix-based routing: distribute calls quickly to available agents
  • Interactive voice response (IVR): make the latest self-service functionalities available to customers. 

Featured product: OpenTouch Customer Service

Voice-Centric Contact Center Solutions