Multimedia Contact Center Solutions

Your customers get in touch with you by telephone, email, chat and SMS, so your business needs a flexible contact center that can adapt to the demands of varying traffic and business conditions.

Alcatel-Lucent multimedia customer contact solutions give you the power to deliver high-quality, consistent customer service across all channels, in all circumstances. This comprehensive, easy-to-use solution targets medium-sized businesses where operational simplicity is key.

Benefits of our Multimedia Contact Center Solutions

  • Simple, one-stop processing of voice, email and SMS queries through a single server and interface
  • Continued performance thanks to support for peaks in activity associated with advertising campaigns, emergency situations and seasonal demand effects
  • Improved customer service as a result of increased first-time resolution of queries and consistent experience across all interaction channels
  • Resource optimization through easy interaction between contact center agents and skilled back-office experts throughout the organization

Multimedia Contact Center Solution Features

  • All-in-one visual interface: easy-to-use interface for administration, routing and real-time monitoring
  • Overrun capabilities: handle unexpected peaks in business
  • Real-time collaboration: facilitate contact between agents and experts
  • Instant messaging and presence awareness: access instant messaging and presence awareness capabilities from the agent's desktop interface
Multimedia Contact Center Solutions