Business Efficiency in a Unified Workspace

Inquiry and issue resolution is the result of connecting the right agents, experts and information at the right time. Connecting your business information ecosystem in real-time provides agents access to on-demand information rather than making them “Alt-tab” their way through disconnected applications. 

The agent’s Unified Desktop provides a unified view of customers and agent activities, multimedia interactions, and tasks within a single workspace and provides tight integration with other business applications. It provides faster data access in real time, improving first call resolution.

Though there have been ways to integrate agent desktops with CRM systems it often required expensive professional services engagements and maintenance. The agent’s Unified Desktop connects application APIs into a modular system designed to simplify business application integration. 

Integration of IT systems and business processes accelerates information access. Measurable return on investment (ROI) and competitive advantage is the result of keeping both agent and customer satisfaction at the highest levels. 

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Business Efficiency in a Unified Workspace