From Call Center Transactions to Customer Conversations

Conversations are the foundation of world-class customer experiences and efficient customer service. Remarkable customer service is more than just answering the phone (or chat, email, web-form) and executing a transaction.

Real customer service is a conversation focused on customer experience and solving your customer’s problem. Challenging many customer service organizations is the fact that these conversations are occurring over multiple media.

Customers interact with your company today through many channels. Voice calls may still be their primary communication method, but use of email, web interaction, SMS, social media and video continues to rise. Conversations may begin in one media and be completed with another, possibly by another agent. 

Alcatel-Lucent Customer Service solutions expand customer care and business rules to include social media channels. With full multimedia contact functionality, open APIs and multichannel unified routing and workflow management, Alcatel-Lucent provides modular systems with fully integrated components that reduce management issues and cost, allowing the entire enterprise to act together to deliver:

  • Conversation continuity across multiple channels
  • Seamless agent access to conversations and multimedia
  • Effective multimedia adjustments with real-time monitoring capacity

Customer support organizations can unlock the media channels they need as they grow — both in features and scale — and quickly adapt to changes in business conditions.

Alcatel-Lucent is creating a new customer experience standard that enables businesses to collaborate with customers. By unifying customer data, conversation histories and business process ecosystems, issues are seamlessly resolved and quickly form the new foundation of customer experience and service.

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From Call Center Transactions to Customer Conversations