Modular and Agile Architectures

What every business has in common is the need to adapt – to maturing technologies, business trends and customer values.  Because change is constant, predicting requirements is often impossible.  The need to adapt quickly and easily reinforces the business value of modular, open architectures.

Most contact center environments today are operating with mixed vendor solutions, requiring staff to manage each separately.  It’s likely, also, that there are mixed levels of unification and mixed levels of customer satisfaction. Alcatel-Lucent Customer Service is designed with an emphasis on interoperability and modular deployment.

This flexible approach delivers capabilities on demand and integrates easily into single and multi-site environments. Business requirements define the addition of features; scale as you grow and quickly adapt to changes in business conditions. Central administration, additional multi-channel interactions and reporting integrate easily into unified workflows that manage the entire system. 

Alcatel-Lucent Customer Service is a complete, modular contact center solution that unifies communication media and business applications across the organization.  Real-time key performance indicators help contact center managers focus on key goals by monitoring real time operations and business outcomes, and are able to take immediate action to improve productivity and results.

The Unified Desktop brings all the modules together into a single workspace for agents providing a combined view of customer histories, multimedia interactions, and business information. Multi-site deployments become seamless. 

Adding new features and adjusting the scale of existing OmniTouch Contact Center Standard Edition is a seamless addition. The solution’s modularity transforms existing voice contact centers into multi-media suites and provides superior customer service by addressing specific customer requirements.  

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Modular and Agile Architectures