Application Fluent Network Solutions

Application Fluent Network Solutions
Application Fluent Networks are the enterprise's intelligent answer to managing demanding real-time application and BYOD environments.

Unique, next-generation network technologies intuitively meets the growing demand for rich media applications and virtualization within todays digital enterprise.

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With an Application Fluent Network, enterprises can enjoy a network that understands devices as well as associated applications. Contextual understanding of conversations between devices and applications makes it possible for the network to optimize the user experience and network performance, while lowering capital and operating expenses.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Application Fluent Network is built upon three key attributes: a resilient architecture, streamlined operations, and automatic control. Capabilities in each of these areas collectively contribute to a superior user experience, improved workflow, lower network administration costs and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Critical components of an Application Fluent Network:


Resilient architecture refers to a simplified, optimized, single IP network with market-class leading capacity, resiliency, virtualization, and built-in security.


Automatic control capabilities provide unique dynamic tuning of network performance. The Application Fluent Network is auto-sensing, as well as profile- and policy-driven, ensuring high-quality, real-time application delivery.


Streamlined operations reduce complexity through automatic provisioning, converged management, consistency of OmniSwitch features, and market-leading carbon reduction in the form of low power consumption, and minimal cooling and space requirements.

A robust solution for demanding deployments

The Application Fluent Network powers innovative solutions suitable for demanding deployments for the enterprise and service provider networks including:

  • Converged IP Networks: Supports on-premise & mobile users with consolidated management tools
  • Data Center: Resilient network with low latency delivery of virtual applications
  • Service Aware Networks: Highly scalable network with comprehensive management of service levels
  • Managed Access Services: End-to-end visibility of application delivery from service providers

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's commitment to open network architectures, a systematic multi-vendor approach, and an expanding partner ecosystem deliver maximum customer value.

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