Your network… Mobilized

Your network… Mobilized
Tomorrow’s digital business starts with Today’s network evolution

Our network solution gives you the foundation to connect people, application, and things anywhere, simply, securely, and reliably

Let us help you to…

Deliver seamless user experience on  wired and wireless networks with Unified Access

Gain greater insights into your application data through Smart Analytics

Build an automated and self-healing network with an Intelligent Fabric

Simplify BYOD deployment

Protect your digital assets with an in-depth security defense

Build a smart foundation for Internet of Things (IoT)

Explore an alternative IT financing model with Network on Demand


Key Resources

Product Spotlight

Intelligent access switch: OmniSwitch 6860E

Value switch: OmniSwitch 6350



Designed for the harshest environments: OmniSwitch 6865

Maximum performance with Wave 2 APs



Compact, high density core switch: OmniSwitch 6900

High performance modular switch: OmniSwitch 9900



Cohesive management with OmniVista 2500 NMS



Related story: “Very Strong” is again the recent 2015 assessment from Current Analysis of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Center Switching Infrastructure. Discover why ALE has been ahead of the class since the introduction of Application Fluent Networks. Read summary highlights and access the complete Current Analysis Report here.

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