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Converged Campus Networks

Converged Campus Networks
  • Seamless user experience on wired or wireless devices
  • A better BYOD experience
  • Manage a network offering application fluency

The mobility trend is impacting all corporations today. A mobile enterprise benefits from business agility and engaged employees, and satisfied customers. In order to really become a mobile enterprise, the network infrastructure needs to support a variety of devices, the growing adoption of new applications (many using multimedia), while ensuring that employees can be connected anywhere, any time, with any device.

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Meanwhile the complexity for IT is growing and security threats are increasing, while budgets are lower. A network transformation is needed in order to fulfill these new demands while keeping the budget under control.

The Alcatel-Lucent converged campus solution is built upon a unified access approach for a consistent user experience, on a wired and wireless network, and a high performance 10G/40G core. The network has the intelligence to automatically self-adjust based on user mobility, keeping costs low and maximizing available resources.

Features of Converged Campus with Unified Access  

  • Simplified and flexible architecture provides high performance, lower latency and reduced CAPEX/OPEX
  • High availability, sub-second recovery from failures and integrated security guarantees uninterrupted services
  • Network services to facilitate the adoption of BYOD
  • Network analystics provides assurance that buesiness critical applications have the QoS they require
  • Comprehensive management system provides end-to-end visibility and facilitates troubleshooting
  • Ready to support enterprise mobility, multimedia applications and multiple devices, including employee-owned devices
  • High quality connectivity to Corporate, Branch and Home offices, and also on the road
  • Entire portfolio is SDN enabled for maximum investment protection

Advantages of the Alcatel-Lucent Converged Campus Solution

  • Comprehensive set of BYOD services apply seamlessly to wired and wireless users
  • Integrated network analytics provides visibility and control right at the edge of the network
  • Consolidate your independent networks into one converged network
  • Optimize real-time applications delivery for voice, video, VDI, etc
  • Automated processes and controls minimize IT intervention
  • Only vendor to offer a flexible network evolution approach that adapt to customer’s purchasing cycles and protects your investment
  • Up to 60% lower CAPEX than major competitor

We understand transformation is not an overnight task, which is why we recommend enterprises take a phased approach:

  1. Deploy a pervasive WLAN that supports the latest technology standards such as 802.11n and 802.11ac
  2. Enhance your LAN access with 1G ready speeds and PoE+ capabilities
  3. Right-size your core to higher 10G/40G speeds with better performance by moving away from expensive and complex legacy chassis solutions into a virtualized core based on standalone switches
  4. Finally, move toward Unified Access and add BYOD services and network analytics. With Unified Access, users can enjoy the same network services and the same experiences on wired and wireless networks. It also provides the same level of security on the wired LAN as you have on the WLAN.  At the same time, it reduces your network operational complexity and costs.

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