Network Analytics: From Application Chaos to Application Fluency

41.7 Billion application downloads expected by 2015

Enterprises are being flooded with new applications! The BYOD phenomenon, combined with mobility and the move to the cloud, creates an environment where users have access from anywhere, at anytime and with any device to a broad set of applications. This freedom and flexibility empowers and motivates employees to constantly explore and adopt new applications.
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Corporations now realize that technology adoption is an essential element in reaching their business objectives. It can be used to offer differentiated services, improve customer satisfaction, engage employees, improve productivity, enhance operational agility, and more.
Business units are putting tremendous pressure on IT to embrace the BYOD phenomenon and enable the continuous adoption of new applications.  IT is pushing back because they are concerned about keeping the network secured and ensuring the application invasion does not consume every network resource,  jeopardizing the  delivery of business critical applications. These differences in priorities between business management and IT have led to conflicts and in many cases the perception of IT as a roadblock.
The analytics and programmability capabilities in the Alcatel-Lucent Unified Access solution is critical to resolving these conflicts and putting these departments back to working together, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.
Alcatel-Lucent delivers intelligence to the edge of the network with its latest technology: the OmniSwitch 6860 - a next generation access switch, the OmniAccess 4X50 - wireless controllers with integrated DPI capabilities and advanced policy enforcement.  This new technology combined with the OmniVista 2500 Network Management System (NMS) provides the unified visibility and control needed by IT administration. 
Alcatel-Lucent's network analytics delivers:
  • Detailed visibility into what applications are traversing the network
  • The amount of bandwidth each application is consuming
  • Broad set of application recognition with up to 1500 applications signatures periodically updated
  • Policy-based controls based on any combination of user, device and application
  • Wire-rate enforcement of prioritization, QoS and security right at the edge of the network, optimizing the performance of the network without the need for additional appliance/devices 

Corporations benefit by:

  • Prioritization of business critical applications
  • Increased security by preventing harmful or non-compliant applications
  • Offer an open environment to let employees explore new business or personal applications while securing quality delivery of business most important applications
  • Detailed visibility to help understand customers’ behaviors
  • Identify user adoption of new applications
Reduce IT management costs and increase performance