Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration Solutions
Collaboration in next-generation communications solutions is about more than connecting networks, people, process and knowledge. Alcatel-Lucent offers enterprises high-quality, cost-effective solutions for reaching employees, customers and partners with the natural communication of video and multimedia.

Collaboration in today's world is built on the ability to share and access information – which is the foundation for delivering a dynamic enterprise with a competitive advantage – over any device, anywhere and at any time.

Employee expectations about teamwork and collaboration have changed as new quality standards for private communications have emerged. Employees are now used to sharing their thoughts and content with a large community using HD audio, video media as well as group-capable IM, which is similar to their use of popular social network applications such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn®.

Employees can perform their business duties from anywhere if they can easily access and use these multi-party, multimedia tools.

Visual Collaboration

Enterprises can increase employee efficiency with an affordable end-to-end collaboration solution that delivers high definition audio and video in just one-third of the bandwidth of typical solutions. Our digital signage solution lets them create, centrally manage and deliver any kind of live or offline digital content to any audience.

Visual collaboration enables employees to save time and money by working together remotely. They can share content wherever they are in the world. Our digital signage solution lets any organization create, centrally manage and deliver any kind of live or offline digital content to any audience.

Benefits of Visual Collaboration

  • Increase teamwork efficiency
  • Enable remote workers
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Improve corporate communication and culture
  • Engage customers
  • Use the right communications channels for the right audiences

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