OpenTouch Office Cloud

Cloud-Based Applications Designed for SMBs

OpenTouch™ Office Cloud is a hosted cloud-based Unified Communications as a service platform offering telecommunications and applications designed for SMB customers. OpenTouch Office Cloud uses the well-known OmniPCX™ Office RCE foundation to service multiple enterprises with a small form factor multi-tenant platform.

Our proposal helps Business Partners build their own OmniPCX Office RCE cloud-based offer, by capitalizing on their skills and securing existing business. This is also a great opportunity for Business Partners to develop and propose additional services in the cloud, taking advantage of technology previously reserved for large companies and seizing potential sales of value-added services.

OpenTouch Office Cloud is aimed at companies between 4 and 50 users with very low upfront investments, supporting a variety of tested IP or SIP sets. In addition, a full range of mobile and productivity-oriented applications are available to serve the unique needs of SMBs, including apps like OpenTouch Conversation for SMB.

Benefits of OpenTouch Office Cloud

  • End-users benefit from the latest new features through transparent software upgrades
  • Allows businesses to adapt to changing circumstances any time with no penalty thanks to modular licensing
  • Dramatically reduces up-front costs
  • Trustworthy brand and high quality solution 
  • Business Partners remain a customer’s single point of contact

Products related to OpenTouch Office Cloud

OpenTouch Suite for Cloud also addresses Personal Cloud and Enterprise Cloud needs.

To learn more, download the resource documents on the right or contact your Business Partner.

OpenTouch Office Cloud