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OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud

Enabling Multi-device, Multi-user, Multimedia Collaboration

Next-generation collaboration reaches everywhere, from voice and video to document sharing; to virtual meetings, and applications and services. OpenTouch™ Enterprise Cloud is a fully flexible solution that enables Business Partners to build a UCaaS offer for enterprise customers with secure, always-on Unified Communications that delivers collaborative tools to boost productivity and maximize business responsiveness.

A Consumption-based Cost Model

With OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud, Business Partners can respond to business demands with a predictable cost that matches spending with use. A flexible ‘consumption-based’ licensing model makes it easy to scale up or down depending on changing requirements.

Simplify the Experience

OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud lets employees easily connect to and exchange rich, context-based information without compromising security or quality - from any place and through any device. They can retrieve personal and professional features on the devices they choose, and shift between devices to adapt to the context of a conversation, delivering a superior customer experience.

Manage the Deployment

Fully tailored to meet business requirements, OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud can accelerate technology adoption and new services deployment with the resources and skills in place today.

 OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud Benefits

  • High quality SLA delivered by the service provider, system integrator or Business Partner
  • End-users benefit from the latest new features of OpenTouch Business Edition through transparent software upgrades
  • Modular licensing model allows different options to be added for each user, invoiced on a consumption basis where only the active licenses are charged
  • Allows businesses to adapt to changing circumstances any time with no penalty
  • Dramatically reduces up-front costs with exceptional flexibility

Products related to OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud

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OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud