Business Telephony Solutions

Business Telephony Solutions
Telephony is the foundation for traditional and emerging next-generation enterprise communications. Telephony extends well beyond the desk phone today and is the key enabler of unified communications, digital collaboration, mobility, and even video in IP environments. This has profound implications for not only the CIO but for the entire business.

Five-nines reliability remains the expectation and requirement for telephony. But as communications become increasingly blended, this reliability standard is applied beyond point-to-point telephony.  IP communications must provide real-time voice, video and conferencing across the entire enterprise network.  It must integrate with collaboration tools such as instant messaging, email and desktop sharing. Conversation hand-offs across analog, digital, fixed and mobile devices must be seamless, regardless of the device used. And system management must be integrated with the network, automated and offer a lower TCO to both the CIO and CFO, not to mention a higher ROI as measured by business value.

Discover how OpenTouch is energizing communications and changing the unified communications conversation by delivering a secure, intuitive and productive experience on any device. 

Emerging trends have business and technology leaders examining their communications options in order to support a mobile workforce, user-owned devices (BYOD) and new opportunities created by a shift to the cloud. 

New cost structures emerge

Cost structures and deployment costs are vital business issues. Methods of extending the value of existing communications infrastructure investment are always part of the conversation, as is security and resiliency. Hosted communications platforms provide flexibility and scalability. They can replace or enhance existing platforms with additional features, increasing the value and benefit of your current investment.

Native mobility, collaboration and multimedia

Mobility, collaboration and multimedia are native features of our telephony solutions. Mobile communications are optimized by a single converged platform that supports cellular, DECT, VoWLAN and wired phones. The user experience is seamless and consistent. IT operations are streamlined through a comprehensive unified management of users rather than devices.  

The cloud brings new models and opportunities

Cloud-based telephony solutions provide new options and flexibility that wasn't previously available. The cloud can shift CAPEX to OPEX and reduce operational costs. Plus, the architectural flexibility of the OmniPCX and OpenTouch platforms allows for premise, cloud or hybrid deployments. Systems are easily adapted to any business and installation model, giving customers the option to decide when and what to invest in, and what to consume as a service. The platform enables cloud-based communications services and applications which overlay other vendor platforms and preserve current capital investments, enabling a-la-carte selection of communication services and applications.

Where do telephony and unified communications go from here?

Technology leaders are increasingly committing to open telephony solutions. Our OpenTouch and OmniPCX solutions are adaptable, scalable and deliver new communications tools that can be licensed individually and immediately by users from the OpenTouch App Store. 

Through seamless integration with other vendor platforms, you can evolve your tools and extend the value of existing CAPEX investment while transitioning to next generation communication solutions, defined and configured based on your unique business needs. 

How can Alcatel-Lucent help?

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Business Telephony Products

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