Solution Premier Service

Solution Premier Service
Your enterprise faces growing technology and maintenance challenges: choose complete protection with a service package.

As the capacity, capability and intelligence of your communications system grows to meet the needs of your enterprise, it becomes harder to manage. CIOs and IT departments are under constant pressure to deliver consistent network performance and maintain the complex, multi-vendor systems that deliver it.

Ensure Performance & Reliability with Solution Premier Service (SPS)

Alcatel-Lucent Solution Premier Service (SPS) provides a complete protection package that ensures your solutions are running at peak efficiency and capacity. It provides essential software maintenance and proactive evolution to enable stability and delay obsolescence. Delivered by our certified partners, SPS grants them round-the-clock access to our state-of-the-art technical centers – which ensures you have a consistent and appropriate level of service anytime, anywhere.

With SPS, Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise™ or OpenTouch™ systems and applications are covered under one contract and with one payment to reduce the administrative burden on your IT organization. SPS allows you to focus on achieving your business objectives rather than managing technology issues.

Solution Premier Service (SPS)

SPS enables you to get maximum value from your network and applications:

  • Reduces risks and vulnerability windows
  • Provides around-the-clock protection and solution evolution
  • Keeps support cost predictable
  • Extracts greater value from existing applications
  • Reduces complexity and improves solution knowledge
  • Improves IT support agility and quality
  • Lets you focus on business processes rather than technology

Learn More About SPS

Solution Premier Service (SPS) Brochure
A brochure for end-customers introducing Alcatel-Lucent's Solution Premier Service.

Solution Premier Service (SPS) White Paper
Solution Premier Service whitepaper: Keep up with technology evolution through Vendor Support.

Solution Premier Service (SPS) Datasheet
A datasheeet outlining the benefits of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Solution Premier Service (Software Support Services).

Solution Premier Service Presentation for End Customers
A presentation outlining the Solution Premier Service to end customers.

How to Order SPS

SPS is delivered through a global community of partners who undergo comprehensive, multidisciplinary training and certification. In addition, our partners have unlimited access to the best product resources, deep vendor expertise and world-class Alcatel-Lucent Customer Care and Professional Services teams to provide you with the greatest possible support.

Solution Premier Service