Managed Services for Large Enterprises

Managed Services for Large Enterprises

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise gives your large multinational enterprise the certainty of 24-hour global support for its communications. Our multilingual technical teams operate and maintain your network and respond promptly to incidents and service requests, ensuring consistent high performance throughout your organization. As well as providing stability for your communications systems and network, we enable them to develop in pace with your requirements. With competitive fixed-price service contracts, your expenditure is as sound as your infrastructure.

On-call support

Our 24/7 multilingual service desk is your first point of contact for service requests relating to your communications network. You can also rely on our proactive alarm monitoring service to detect incidents. The Alcatel-Lucent Network Operation Center analyzes each request and intervenes remotely or on-site, restoring service within four hours in 95% of emergency incidents.


Detailed reporting and preventive maintenance help to identify and resolve problems before they become operational incidents. Our automated periodic data backups give you the confidence of secure data storage for the last three months.


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise manages the progress of your infrastructure transformation, helping you become a truly dynamic enterprise. We produce regular detailed reports on the service quality of your communications. Our change and evolution management services carry out upgrades of your communications software and hardware, to ensure you always benefit from the latest technology.

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