Your new Knowledge Hub is open!

Your new Knowledge Hub is open!

Knowledge Hub is your all-in-one platform for all Sales, Presales, and Postsales training covering the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions portfolio. More than 12,600 different users, including customers and partners, have already connected to the Knowledge Hub at least once since July 1st, 2015.

Benefit from the latest Knowledge Hub enhancements!

Discover the new training search function based on job profile and solutions/products:

  • Find your training
  • Download the course program description
  • View the worldwide scheduled sessions
  • Request your training

Connect to Knowledge Hub and Find your training!

Direct access to your Knowledge Hub learning platform!

For Customers registered on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business Portal, the access to Knowledge Hub is now directly via this link. There is no longer a need to connect via the Business portal!

  • Login: business portal login
  • Password (Knowledge Hub Password): At  first connection, click on “Forgotten Password" to initiate the Knowledge Hub password creation process.

Others Customers, please contact us at:

Once connected to your KNOWLEDGE HUB, you will view all your training activity directly from your personalized welcome page! You may also check and manage your personal preferences from the “My account” button in the upper right corner of the window in order to define your preferred language and to set your time zone.

Find out more by clicking on the “Need Help?” button: where you will find all useful media to help you surf this new Student centric era!

New Mobile Learning functionality!

Enjoy learning anytime and anywhere with a real-time connection to your Sales, Presales, and Postsales (when applicable) courses and content from your tablet or mobile phone:

  • Download your course on your tablet/mobile to train online
  • Consult your transcript and check your future/in progress training
  • Search your training
  • Initiate your own training request
  • Manage your team: Approve their requests for training or assign training to your subordinates

Connect to Knowledge Hub to know more and watch the video on your welcome page!

Enjoy your new learning experience!