Application Services

Application Services
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions can be customized to meet the precise needs of your organization. Our Professional Services experts help specify your requirements and then develop, design and deploy an appropriate solution.

We also integrate and maintain any specific elements you require. You benefit from a tailored communications infrastructure that helps your business evolve into a dynamic enterprise.


From our wide range of customized solutions and off-the-shelf applications, here are some examples of how we can transform your organization.

  • Visual Automated Attendant
    Offer callers a great service experience with this virtual receptionist, greeting and routing them directly to employees, departments or voicemail. A user-friendly and intuitive interface web interface means that routing can be instantly adapted to evolving business, and  voice guides can be easily customized without the need for external technical assistance.

  • OpenTouch™ Notification Service
    Optimize staff time and decision-making in situations where alarm notification is critical.
    A native and optimized integration with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise and wireless handsets gives the OpenTouch Notification Service unique features that meet the requirements of small and medium-sized Enterprises in healthcare, hospitality, industry and education.
    Read more details in the brochure

  • OmniPCX RECORD Suite
    Accelerate customer issue resolution, boost loyalty and streamline employee training and monitoring. The OmniPCX RECORD Suite is a unique solution that offers small and medium-sized businesses complete tracking of customer interactions through voice recording and screen capture, as well as coaching capabilities.
  • Soft Panel Manager
    Display business data and contact center statistics in real time. This business monitoring tool helps agents and supervisors quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, establish corrective strategies, thus optimizing efficiency and customer service.
  • Smart Guest Applications
    Enrich guests’ experience during their hotel stay by offering communications, advertising, room automation and stay management on a single interface, the award-wining OmniTouch™ 8082 My IC Phone. Discover more Hospitality solutions.
  • Emergency Notification Server (ENS)
    Improve emergency calls awareness and management within the Enterprise. The Emergency Notification Server enhances reactivity and employee safety both on campus and remotely. It immediately notifies and connects key emergency actors inside the enterprise to the closest public answering points to ensure immediate action.
  • Business Contact
    Improve customer service and performance. Our intelligent call routing application automatically directs callers to the most appropriate employee, ensuring that your clients receive a prompt and helpful response. Watch the Business Contact video. 


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is unique for its agile and iterative methodology for software and application development. This flexible, people-orientated process offers customers continuous communication, repeated review and frequent delivery to short timelines.

Rely on experienced consultants during the three main phases of solution customization:

  • Specification: we help you define your requirements and design the technical architecture of the solution.
  • Development and integration: we customize the solution and integrate it remotely or on-site.
  • Validation and implementation: we rigorously test the solution so that operation is trouble-free.


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