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Alcatel-Lucent VitalSuite® Performance Management software is an award-winning multivendor, multi-technology, Application/Service aware performance management solution. It is a comprehensive, fully integrated, scalable and cost-effective package that provides both historical and near-real-time views into everything from complex contact centers to Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic to mission-critical applications and network resources. The solution proactively monitors, measures and optimizes performance at every level of IT operations using an easy-to-use Web 2.0 GUI. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 network environments.

VitalSuite has several major software modules:

  • VitalSuite® Apps Application Performance Management software – This module monitors and manages application performance for business-critical applications. It proactively gives network-wide, real-time visibility for tracking and analyzing the behavior of network-based applications such as e-mail, Web, DNS, and in-house applications by monitoring traffic volumes and application transaction response times.
  • VitalSuite® Net Network Performance Management software/VitalSuite® Real-time Event Analysis software – This module provides critical network information necessary to preempt problems, optimize resources and plan for maximum return on network investments. For your multivendor, multi-function network devices, VitalNet/VitalRealTime provides integrated performance and trap management , network resource auto-discovery, centralized visibility, advanced 2D/3D topology views, reports with drilldowns, trending and capacity planning, advanced thresholding and alarming, network traffic insight and advanced VoIP monitoring. The software also collects SNMP traps to provide fault management information about network devices.
  • VitalSuite® Flow software collects Netflow and sFlow records directly from routers in the network and provides powerful traffic analysis and reporting features based on that data. VitalSuite Flow offers the integrated Flow monitoring capability that helps monitor application and network traffic behavior to identify how the network bandwidth is being used.
  • VitalSuite® ART Advanced Reporting Tool is a comprehensive Web-based tool that enables you to generate advanced custom presentation-quality reports and graphs by extracting monitored data from VitalSuite.

VitalSuite is a sophisticated monitoring system that allows IT organizations to provide internal users and/or customers with secure views into the quality of services they receive. VitalSuite provides the critical network information necessary to preempt problems, optimize resources and plan for maximum return on network investments. This market-leading management solution provides near-real-time, end-to-end, Web-based visibility into geographically dispersed, multivendor, multi-technology converged infrastructure. It enables IT managers to monitor, analyze, manage and predict service performance from a single centralized location for wireless, LAN, WAN, server, virtualized environments, ATM, VoIP, Genesys™ contact centers, and applications.

VitalSuite collectors support sFlow standards. To learn more visit:




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