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Use VitalQIP to automate IP address management

Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP™ DNS/DHCP IP Address Management Software is a market-leading solution for automating IP address management services across networks. It streamlines management and cuts administrative costs for enterprises, government agencies, and service providers worldwide.

Based on an IDC study, VitalQIP customers on average see a ROI of over 900% and a payback period of 106 days. The VitalQIP Appliance addresses the shift in the IP Address Management (IPAM) market towards appliances for increased reliability, manageability, scalability and security, and is the only appliance solution on the market that seamlessly integrates with VitalQIP DNS/DHCP & IP Address Management Software.

Though organizations of any size can benefit from automating and centralizing IP address management, the ROI is most compelling for organizations with 1000 or more IP addresses.

Components of the VitalQIP Address Management Software include:

  • Audit Manager
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) module
  • API Toolkit
  • Network Allocator
  • Services Manager
  • Registration Manager
  • Auto Discovery
  • ENUM Manager

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