Soft Panel Manager

Displaying business data, contact center statistics and videos in real time

The Alcatel-Lucent Soft Panel Manager helps agents and supervisors quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, then establish corrective strategies, optimizing Contact Center efficiency and customer service. As a business monitoring tool, Soft Panel Manager enables managers to make quick strategic or security decisions.

Its highly flexible interface allows numerous statistics and data formats from several sources to be displayed on multiple devices: LED wallboards, LCD/Panel PC/Plasma/TV screens, Android tablets and smartphones, or on an individual PC screen. The Soft Panel Manager application is available for all Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Contact Center environments.

“The Soft Panel is a great Management tool… the thresholds allow us to quickly identify if we don't have enough agents available which helps us with scheduling. It is also a great tool for the team. We never had estimated answer times before, so they can now make better decisions when transferring customers.”
- Sunrise Medical

Benefits: Soft Panel Manager

  • Optimizes contact center efficiency through display of any required data
  • Helps agents focus on customer service
  • Increases campaign success rate by informing agents continuously
  • Improves reactivity and enables responsive correction strategies such as staffing decisions
  • Continuously informs key stakeholders of performance in real time
  • Enhances security by rapidly communicating important data to specific departments (IT, networking…)
  • Ideal tracking tool for supervisors and agents, offering control over statistics and message display, real-time contact center activity monitoring and instant daily updates on strengths and weaknesses

Features: Soft Panel Manager

  • Diverse data sources: Contact Center statistics, calculated data and any business data
  • All Alcatel-Lucent Contact Center environments supported
  • Designed for any business environment where data display is critical: education, healthcare, industry, events…
  • Displays statistics and data on multiple devices: LED wallboards, LCD/Panel PC/Plasma/TV screens, Android tablets and smartphones, individual PC screens (Desktop Wallboard), Android tablet or smartphone (available on Google Play)
  • Diverse and flexible display formats for statistics and data: textual area, pie charts, graphs, charts, gauges, barometers, images, HTML pages, messages, tables, …
  • Displays rotating and schedulable view sequences
  • User-friendly design and widget management through a web interface


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