Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade, Communication Platform (CPaaS) that connects people and systems. It creates an integrated and innovative cloud-based collaborative workspace for business users and their contacts.

The service offers contact management, presence, persistent messaging, audio/video calls, screen and file sharing. Available on desktops and smart-phones.

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Benefits: Rainbow

  • User efficiency - Contacts, chat, call/video, file/screen share, mobility, borderless communication
  • IT consistency - Infrastructure-agnostic, common address-book, integration with existing PBX (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and non-ALE PBXs)
  • Process optimization - Openness & APIs to integrate with business processes and in-house apps
  • Customer productivity - Integration of customers in end-to-end enterprise processes (BtoBtoC)
Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow