Premium DeskPhones

Contemporary deskphones for SMBs and mid- to large-sized companies: awarded 2014 TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year

Alcatel-Lucent Premium DeskPhones are designed to meet the needs of both SMBs and mid- to large-sized businesses or organizations. Featuring an elegant, contemporary design, they combine improved audio and software capabilities with ergonomic features to provide a superior communication experience.

Wideband audio provides better sound definition and quality. The re-designed speaker phone enclosure produces greater volume and projection. And with a Bluetooth connected handset and headset, you have room to roam.

All Premium DeskPhones and their add-on key modules feature ergonomic details such as an adjustable stand and backlit display for more comfortable viewing, whatever the ambient light. The alphabetic keyboard provides fast access to messaging and call-by-name functions. The easy-to-use navigator and programmable soft keys enable immediate interactivity with phone functions, as well as organization-wide applications and services available from OmniPCX™ or OpenTouch™ communications platforms.

The superb build quality of these phones, as well as their impressive list of features and add-ons, ensures that your investment today will offer excellent communication services for many years to come.

IP Premium DeskPhone models

  • 8068 Premium DeskPhone
  • 8038 Premium DeskPhone
  • 8028 Premium DeskPhone

Digital Premium DeskPhone models

  • 8039 Premium DeskPhone
  • 8029 Premium DeskPhone

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Benefits: Premium DeskPhones

  • Wideband audio and ergonomics improve employee efficiency and productivity
  • Easy installation – supports plug-and-play provisioning 
  • Easy-to-use feature buttons and interactive soft keys
  • Offers full range of telephony services
  • Support for Energy Efficient Ethernet provides improved energy efficiency
  • Service assurance with SIP survivability

Features: Premium DeskPhones

  • Superior voice quality 
  • Optimized ergonomics 
  • Omni-directional navigator 
  • Dedicated function keys 
  • Backlit display 
  • Intuitive icons and soft keys 
  • Alphabetic keyboard
  • Adjustable stand 
  • Wall mountable
  • Compatible with 9 Series (Digital Premium DeskPhones)
  • Compatible with 8 Series (IP Premium DeskPhones)
  • IPv6 ready (IP Premium DeskPhones)
  • SIP survivability (IP Premium DeskPhones)
  • Embedded software encryption capabilities (IP Premium DeskPhones)


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