Make calls via a PC for ultimate control, powerful features and cost savings

Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony is a high-level, full-featured softphone solution that can transform a multimedia PC into an IP terminal, which is ideal for SMBs, office environments and remote workers.  Four versions are available to meet different user needs:

PIMphony Basic
PIMphony Basic provides users with standard telephone functions directly on their PC. All features, such as click-to-call, transfer and conference calling, can be managed with a simple click. The application registers and tracks caller identity, call date and duration and more.

PIMphony Pro and PIMphony Touch
The enhanced features of PIMphony Pro are ideal for salespeople or employees who manage significant call volumes on a daily basis and require advanced computer integration. PIMphony Pro synchronizes with contact manager software and supports unified messaging (emails, voicemails and faxes are stored in the email inbox). It also offers dial-by-name and call recording features. PIMphony Touch is a Windows 8.1. Modern UI communication application designed for tactile & HD screens to enrich the existing PIMphony offering.  It takes benefits of Windows 8.1 ergonomics such as different bars, toast notification, live tiles and provides telephony presence as well as instant messaging, in addition to PIMphony Pro features.

PIMphony Team
PIMphony Team is designed for team communicators such as operators and assistants who manage multiple lines. Collaborative features optimize call management and make it easier to supervise and track workgroup activity.

PIMphony Attendant
PIMphony Attendant is designed for attendant activity. It includes all PIMphony Team features, plus multi-site supervision, mono-site & multi-site user, and system configuration features.

2-month free trial for PIMphony Pro and Team; trial period starts when the first OXO Connect user opens their free version of PIMphony.

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Benefits: PIMphony

  • Reduces costs: an ideal solution for remote workers as any multimedia PC can be transformed into an IP terminal
  • Allows workers to be mobile and keep costs down while they travel or work on the move
  • The secure, confidential connection uses https protocol to ensure security and compliance for mobile and home workers
  • Increased productivity as employees save time with dial-by-name database access, quick click-to-call, and the ability to manage daily phone tasks easily from their PC
  • Customized communications infrastructure to meet the unique demands of all user types:
    • PIMphony Basic increases efficiency by simplifying phone tasks and optimizes call handling to improve customer satisfaction
    • PIMphony Pro integrates telephony and computer-based contact management
    • PIMphony Touch integrated telephony and computer-based management, leveraging the capabilities of Windows 8.1. Modern UI (on Win8.1. Modern UI only)
    • PIMphony Team enhances productivity through better team working
    • PIMphony Attendant allows a single operator to manage calls, phone books and users across multiple sites

Features: PIMphony

  • Unsurpassed functionality, features, reliability, and quality of service
  • PIMphony Basic provides standard telephone features, including click-to-call facilities, transfer, conference, call log (caller identification, duration, date and time of call)
  • PIMphony Pro incorporates all PIMphony Basic features;  dial-by-name, automatic screen pop-ups with detailed contact information from management applications including Lotus Notes™, Microsoft® Outlook™, GoldMine®, Act™ and Microsoft® Access™, voice message management with Visual Mailbox, automatic transfer of voice messages to email inbox with unified messaging, conversation recording function
  • PIMphony Touch for Windows 8.1. Modern UI users, incorporates all PIMphony Basic features dial-by-name, telephony presence, unified instant messaging, automatic screen pop-ups for calls and instant messages, routing rules, view per contact, visual voice mail, favorites.
  • PIMphony Team: incorporates all PIMphony Pro and Basic features; supervision windows to define services and track workgroup activity, call statistics function, show list of preferred correspondents for the current calling party or list of a person’s co-workers, before one-step transfer, Busy Lamp Field (BLF) displays and monitors all phone sets status (busy, forward, etc.) on a mono-site OXO Connect system
  • PIMphony Attendant incorporates PIMphony Team facilities; multi-site supervision, mono-site & multi-site users and system configuration facilities.


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