OpenTouch TeamShare

Project collaboration beyond company borders

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch® TeamShare is a set of essential teamwork services used to deliver project collaboration beyond company borders. This cloud-based application allows you to create workspaces in a single click and invite participants to share documents, synchronize agendas, assign tasks, set up meetings and chat.
OpenTouch TeamShare is available for PCs, smartphones and tablets to provide up-to-date information anywhere.

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Benefits: OpenTouch Teamshare

  • Cloud-based for access anywhere, any time, from any device
  • Simple to set up and use: create workspaces in a single click
  • Facilitates teamwork inside and outside the company
  • Powerful features and user-friendly user interface
  • Scalable, modular solution offers the flexibility to add and remove users when needed
  • Increases productivity by empowering users to manage projects easily and collaborate efficiently

Features: OpenTouch Teamshare

  • Clear icons and easy-to-use interface
  • Create workspaces, invite and manage access rights
  • Share files securely and always be synchronized
  • Access from any mobile device
  • Collaborate with project members, share agendas and set up meetings
  • Manage tasks and track time spent on your projects  
  • Easy to stay connected with members through discussions, notifications, chat and wall
OpenTouch TeamShare