OpenTouch Conference

Frustration-free audio conferencing from the cloud

OpenTouch™ Conference is an audio conferencing and screen sharing application designed to eliminate the frustrations of traditional conference calls. It allows employees to set up and attend multi-user voice calls simply and intuitively in order to hold better, more productive meetings.

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Benefits: OpenTouch Conference

  • Cloud based for access anywhere, any time, from any device
  • Simple to set up, join and use: organize a conference call in seconds
  • Powerful features and user-friendly user interface
  • Ideal to improve multi-site communication among employees
  • Scalable, modular solution offers the flexibility to add and remove users when needed
  • Increases productivity by empowering users to share screens and communicate more easily

Features: OpenTouch Conference

  • Clear icons and easy-to-use interface
  • Host can drop or mute any participants
  • Dial participants in directly and add them to the conference
  • Instant screen sharing for host and participants
  • Ability to record a call as an mp3 file for future reference
  • Call leaders can open a conference online using any browser, Microsoft™ Outlook® or their mobile device (Android®, iPhone®, iPad® and BlackBerry®)
  • Participants can also join the conference using any of these three methods


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