OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager

The new OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), a part of the OmniVista 2500 Network Management System, addresses network management constraints related to application virtualization and virtual machine mobility in the data center as well as provides tracking and visibility.

OmniVista 2500 VMM prepares, assists, and provides automation of all required network provisioning changes correlated to virtual machine changes without creating new complexities. This automation significantly reduces the overhead costs from time spent and staff support to manage adds/moves/changes of virtual machines in the data center.

Benefits: OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager

  • Single pane of view to Simplify and consolidate network management and virtualization operations
  • Complete correlation view and critical visibility between  Virtualization environment and Network infrastructure management
  • Single efficient workflow to automate network infrastructure configuration to follow VM movement, reducing IT operation

Features: OmniVista 2500 Virtual Machine Manager

Data center Visibility

  • Provides a unified dashboard of switches, ports, hypervisors and virtual machines
  • Live and historical data tracking and logging for Troubleshooting operations

Network Infrastructure Provisioning

  • Definition of bindings between Virtual Machine and vNP (Virtual network Profiles) with Security & QoS parameters, VLAN configuration

Virtual Machine Movement

  • Migration of vNP (Virtual network Profiles) to new switch

Integration with Enterprise market leader virtualization solution

  • VmWare vCenter, Hypervisor Manager


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