OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Communications Server

At the heart of the award-winning Alcatel-Lucent Instant Communications Suite is the software-based Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8460 Advanced Communications Server (ACS) for enablement of business applications and process communications.

OmniTouch 8460 ACS powered applications increase enterprise agility, foster innovation, and reduce or eliminate reliance on third-party services, giving enterprises a competitive advantage while increasing margins. Carriers, OEMs, system integrators, and businesses today use OmniTouch 8460 ACS as a communications and presence engine to enable the rapid deployment of a wide range of real-time applications and services for hosted and premises-based environments across wireless and wire-line networks.

Benefits: OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Communications Server

  • Enhances employee portals and Web 2.0 business applications and processes
  • Allows a single service to communicate with disparate systems through standards-based communication protocols
  • Enhances internal and external communication with the integration of telephony and collaboration applications
  • Automates business processes to reduce latency, and lower support and administration costs
  • Differentiates services by adding multi-party voice, collaboration, and presence capabilities
  • Accelerates time to market for new and/or enhanced applications

Features: OmniTouch 8460 Advanced Communications Server

  • Add conferencing and collaboration features with mature XML- and SIP-based APIs (REST Web services)
  • Build extensible applications using open standards and an integrated media server
  • Runs on standard computer hardware for low total cost of ownership and entry cost
  • Uses a browser-based administrative interface to manage and supports multiple operating systems and browsers
  • Built for multi-location, multi- domain, and multi-tenanted platforms
  • Supports thousands of media legs with high-capacity media processing per standard hardware platform


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