OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite

 The new Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8400 Instant Communications Suite (ICS) supports a Dynamic Enterprise through the proven and unique experience of OmniTouch 8600 My Instant Communicator (MIC) solutions. The OmniTouch 8400 ICS supports smartphones, wireless network technologies such as Wi-Fi and 3G, and is able to support mobile unified communications in an always-connected world.

The OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite includes the following products:

Benefits: OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite

  • Leverage enterprise and home wireless networks to save communication expenses (data and voice)
  • Optimize your mobile subscription by choosing the least cost route
  • Always stay Enterprise connected with communications services made available on your mobile
  • Get higher attention and involvement from high-definition video enriching your meeting
  • New full software messaging services, SIP at the core to support any SIP aware PBX

Features: OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite

In addition to the OmniTouch 8600 MIC for smartphones this release provides:

  • High-definition video conferencing to enrich the communications experience while saving money and the environment through reduced travel and related expenses
  • New messaging services that provide full software SIP messaging that is highly scalable and supports any SIP PBX
  • Continuous improvement on OmniTouch 8600 MIC running on a desktop:
    • a fully integrated call history
    • SIP flavor to easily connect from outside the company
    • wide band enabled for an higher audio quality experience


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